Are You Going to School Today? / Aaj School Javanu Che Tamare?

Anupama Srinivasan, India, 2019, 59’ 
The title question is relevant every day for teachers and children in rural schools of southern Rajasthan. In areas with many children from challenging backgrounds, how does one bring them to school and create an environment that motivates them to study? […]

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Sons of Denmark / Danmarks sønner  

Ulaa Salim, Denmark, 2019, 120’ 
In 2025, a year after a horrific terrorist attack on the Copenhagen metro, an ultranationalist politician is about to win the election in Denmark. This causes a wave of hate crimes against the Arab minority by the far-right organisation Sons of Denmark. This provocative and suspenseful political thriller is pervaded with the question: how to stay calm when society ever more clearly succumbs to hate and fear?  […]

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The Orphanage / Parwareshghah  

Shahrbanoo Sadat, Denmark, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Afghanistan, Qatar, 2019, 90’ 

In the late 1980s, teenage street kid Qodrat turns his love for Bollywood films into a business by reselling cinema tickets on the streets of Kabul. When arrested, he is put into a Soviet-run orphanage. A brutally realistic and tenderly poetic coming-of-age story told through the eyes of an adolescent. […]

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