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9.6., 21.00, Largo pri špini
Massimo Silverio

Having spent most of his life in the borderland beneath the Carnic Alps (north-east of Italy), Massimo forms his very own musical language that blends modern music, folklore and poetry but exists outside time and genre schemes, using Italian, English and Carnico. His music is one of profound descent into human soul, into desolation and recesses of feelings. His debut album ‘HRUDJA’ will be released in the fall of 2023.

In collaboration with Stazione di Topolò.

7.6.-11.6., 23.00-2.00
Music at the Lighthouse!

Five nights of music delights from near and just across the border, served to you in collaboration with the Izola Students’ Club.

7.6., 23.00–2.00
Ita Kora + Mart

Ita Kora is a musician (vocals, keyboards), singer-songwriter and poet. Her first EP is a blend of ambient and film music: “The Ikatarla EP is a result of a journey through the shadows of the unconscious that unfurl through the sea of potential to emerge into the light, confronting pain, emptiness, and loss on the way. Melancholy envelops all the feelings, venturing to the edge of eternity…”

Mart is a band consisting of Nejc Franca on drums and percussion, Rok Velikonja on keyboards, Ram Cunta on guitar, Jani Peljhan on bass and Igor Vuk behind mixing desk. Through improvisation, their music illustrates emotional states, experiences, moments of contemplation. This is neither jazz nor rock, or punk, it is free improvisation with no definitions.


8.6., 23.00–2.00
Lelee + Bromance

Lelee is an indie-rock / post-punk embodiment of multicultural collaboration of the Balkan music scene from Vardar to Triglav, consisting of Belgrade-born Jelena Rusjan (vocals, bass), Damjan Manevski from Macedonia (vocals, guitar), and home-grown synth magician Blaž Gracar and drummer Leon Stoilković. Emotional, honest, and straightforward Adriatic indie rock.

Bromance is a coxed pair steered by Klemen and David, who successfully navigate the challenges of friendship, brotherhood and making music. Their fellow passengers include the rhythms fished out from the coral reefs of the Istrian coast, most notably Italo disco, indie dance, and EBM. This makes sailing with them a very intimate, nostalgic, and yet passionate experience.


9.6., 23.00–2.00
Gabi98 + Čao Portorož

Gabriele Steffe has grown to become one of the key drivers of Ljubljana’s alternative club culture. Under his DJ alias gabi98, he moves between underground electronic (club) music, world music, derivatives of sarcastic pop, and the legacy of rave culture. His unpredictable sets are a statement against the imposed norms of the hectic and hyper-connected world.

Čao Portorož, a feisty band based in Ljubljana, are Ivian Kan Mujezinović, Gregor Andolšek, and Jan Kmet. Their wild mix of rock & roll and sweet indie rock has been sprinkled with electronic sounds in the form of a pounding rhythm machine and contagious synth lines. Their music can be considered a homage to alternative rock of the 1990s the new wave formulas of the Yugoslavian “school”.


10.6., 23.00–2.00
SA.RI + Emily

Sara alias SA.RI is a passionate music collector based in Trieste. In 2019, she joined the Streaming Club family, where she still runs her own club night, ‘NOTTURNA’. SA.RI has performed with artists such as Leo Mas, Valentino Kanzyani, Ivan Iacobucci, Francesco Maddalena, Saverio Celestri, Kirik, Yaar Ku, among others. Her inspirations include DJs like Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, and Sonja Moonear.

Emily is an energetic Nova Gorica-born Ljubljana-based DJ who ventured into the world of music after graduating from a dance academy in Barcelona. With her unique selection of music and energy on stage, she quickly made a name for herself on the local and international scene as one of the most promising young tech house DJs from Slovenia.

11.6., 23.00–1.00
Surprise playlist


30.5.–20. 6., Little Loggia, Koper
A Sea of Films, 19 images of the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema festival
Poster exhibition

Since 2004, when it was established to promote film culture, Kino Otok has also contributed to the visual culture of public space through its visual identities. Developed by multiple visual communications designers, the identities share the use of illustration, diverse graphic elements and yet similar motifs evocative of a summer on the coast. However, it was not until the latest festival identity that the poster includes – a photo of the sea. Displaying the exhibits in an open city space befits the nature of posters as a basic medium of visual communication.

Exhibition opening: 30. 5., 21.00.
The exhibition will open with a screening of Colours of Memory (Jože Babič, Giorgio Sestan, Slovenia (Yugoslavia), 1967, 13′), a short film about the humanity, synthesis and rhythm in the creative world of the artist Lojze Spacal.

6.–12. 6., Salsaverde Gallery, Gramscijeva 4, Izola
Pace in Space, exhibition by UNG School of Arts

If the pace of life keeps changing in relation to population growth, as confirmed by researchers, the time has come to reconsider how quickly we want to keep moving, how far we want to arrive, what we want to see on the way, and what we want to leave behind. Through their intimate quips and observations, the master’s students at the School of Arts Nova Gorica ponder on the meaning of time and space in the context of social and environmental development.
Exhibition opening: 6. 6., 18.00.


7.–11. 6., Sončna dvorana JSKD Izola, Ul. Giordano Bruno 8, Izola
Nina Jereb: Desert

The exhibition is a journey through a landscape of poetic tasks that reveal what we are made of, encouraging us to build transparent castles, leave a trace on black paper, listen in to the stories of sand and what is between. Perhaps the desert will let into its beating, living heart.

Nina Jereb is a physics professor with a passion for making art, including physics illustrations and physics-based puppet shows.

7.–11. 6., Plac Izolanov, Ljubljanska 23, Izola
Photography exhibition by members of ‘Morje’ Society

A traditional exhibition of photography by members of the art division of the ‘Morje’ Society, working with the photographer Remigio Grižonič as a mentor.


8.6., Ljubljanska ulica, Izola
Primož Trubar Day

On Primož Trubar Day, the Izolani society organises a big book and CD giveaway.

7.–11. 6., Izolana Museum, Ulica Alme Vivode 3, Izola
Izolana Museum – House of the Sea

The Izolana Museum is where you can get to know the turbulent history of Isola from the time when it was still an island, to the period marked by fishing and the fish processing industry. Let yourself be transported back in time with the help of photographs, videos, and wooden boat models. See a 3D model of Izola that tells you about the town’s past and present, or an interactive map of Parenzana, sail the sea like real fishermen, learn to tie fishing knots, and test your skills in digital fishing.

Admission is free for participants of the ‘Izola Through Our Eyes’ workshop and children under 7 years of age.


7.–11. 6., Alga Gallery, Trg Etbina Kristana 9, Izola
Exhibitions by local artists’ societies TUBA and LIK

On 7 June, you can still see the annual exhibition by TUBA, a fine artists’ society from Izola. And as of 8 June, you can enjoy the annual exhibition by another Izola’s fine artists’ society, LIK.

7.–11. 6., Drat Gallery, Ljubljanska 20, Izola
‘MONTHS’ exhibition

The exhibition features necklaces made by Sandra Kocjančič using rings of various sizes, colours, and materials. Representing daily moods, the pieces and their typical circular (infinite) shape also symbolise transitions, endings, and new beginnings. They are complemented by photographs (by Boštjan Mejak) and sound recordings (edited by Martin Zelenko) of individuals who have inspired her days.

7.–11. 6., Insula Gallery, Smrekarjeva 20, Izola
Matej Čepin: The Beautiful Gardens of Mrs R., an exhibition of paintings

Matej Čepin is considered one of the few Slovenian painters who pursue traditional stylised figurative art at the highest level of mastery. The exhibition puts on display images from ‘Gardens’, a series in which the artist maintains his original notion of artistic expression while adding a story of Mrs R. to plant a seed of mystery…

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Admission is free for all And So Much More events and exhibitions except the Izolana Museum.