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The Man Without Guilt / Mož brez krivde

Ivan Gergolet, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, 2022, 112’

Angela’s husband died due to exposure to asbestos. When the man responsible for the numerous deaths of workers exposed to asbestos suffers a stroke, the revenge-bent Angela accepts the offer to become his carer. This suspenseful drama, dedicated to all workers exposed to asbestos and their families, slowly reveals the layers of personal and collective dilemmas and traumas.

talk: Ivan Gergolet

In collaboration with the Sergio Amidei International Prize for Best Screenplay film festival from Gorizia (Italy), the cross-border film festival Homage to a Vision (Gorizia, Nova Gorica), and The Days of Light international film festival from Spilimbergo (Italy).


Location: Art Cinema Odeon, Izola
Date: 09. June 2023
Time: 13:00
Program category: Films and Guests
Section category: Home Sweet Home