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The Magic World of Animals 4+

32', No dialogue

Animation shorts by Slovenian filmmakers about curious little animals discovering the mysteries of the big world.

Little Ladybird Wants to Grow Up
Miha Knific, Slovenia, 2012, 12′

Little Ladybird decides that she wants to grow up. But how? Leaving the safety of her meadow home behind, she sets out to the unknown, meeting other bugs on the way. Finally, she comes across a strange rolling stone, who tells her the secret of happiness.

Spuffies: Jubees
Jaka Ivanc, Slovenia, 2021, 11′

Spuffies have a serious thing for jubees. When they realise in horror that they’ve eaten the very last of the delicious fruit, they set out through the murky forest to find more. On their way, they befriend the eerie Spider, who points them to a lush jubee grove. There, they get a vital lesson.

Mouse House
Timon Leder, Slovenia, 2022, 8′

A mouse gets trapped in a big truckle of cheese. Busy munching its soft core, he forgets about his famished friend outside, eating his way through the newly acquired home. Meanwhile, the cat is waiting…


Location: JSKD Izola
Date: 10. June 2023
Time: 10:00
Program category: Films and Guests
Section category: Submarine