The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet / El perro que no calla

Ana Katz, Argentina, 2020, 74'

With fleeting fragments, this reservedly witty and mysterious film takes us through a seemingly random life of the owner of a dog who would not be quiet. Sebastian is no hero, he is an observer, a listener who likes to help people and animals – living just an ordinary life. Even when a meteor hits Earth, causing a health crisis and a new reality.

The implementation will take place in a situation-adapted format and taking into account all applicable preventive measures and instructions.

We will also play this film: 23. 8., 21:00, Kinodvor in Ljubljana


Location: Arrigoni Open-air Cinema, Izola
Date: 27. August 2021
Time: 22:45
Program category: Films and Guests
Section category: Open air