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Practical steps for sustainable cultural events

Workshop with practical solutions that cultural organisations can use to make their practices more sustainable at a time of climate crisis. In collaboration with Motovila, Centre for the Promotion of Cooperation in the Cultural and Creative Sectors, and Umanotera, The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development.

This is the third year that Motovila and Kino Otok are collaborating in public discussions about the green transition and sustainability. Motovila aims to encourage a change of practice in cultural organisations, so that sustainability becomes a factor they consistently and fully integrate in their programme planning and execution, as well as their day-to-day running. Meanwhile, Kino Otok has stepped up its efforts to reduce its environmental impact by committing to measures to prevent and reduce waste, becoming the first film-related event in Slovenia to receive the Ecologists Without Borders’ zero waste certificate.

In collation with Umanotera, we are organising a workshop to analyse the current situation and devise concrete guidelines for more sustainable practices in the region of Slovenian Istria. In part I, we will look into why it is essential to discuss sustainable development in culture, while part II will invite participants to discuss the existing and desired practices in local cultural organisations, and the challenges they face. Possible measures will be explored to produce concrete solutions for greener practices. A summary of the key findings will be communicated to the public and local- and national-level decision-makers.

The workshop will be in Slovene and is for representatives of cultural and creative organisations (public and private) and local communities considering a move towards more sustainable practices. Admission is free, but please book your spot by 5 June 2023 at or


Location: Manzioli Palace, Izola
Date: 08. June 2023
Time: 10:00
Program category: Pro Otok
Section category: Pro Otok