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Music at the Lighthouse!

Ita Kora is a musician (vocals, keyboards), singer-songwriter and poet. Her first EP is a blend of ambient and film music: “The Ikatarla EP is a result of a journey through the shadows of the unconscious that unfurl through the sea of potential to emerge into the light, confronting pain, emptiness, and loss on the way. Melancholy envelops all the feelings, venturing to the edge of eternity…”

Mart is a band consisting of Nejc Franca on drums and percussion, Rok Velikonja on keyboards, Ram Cunta on guitar, Jani Peljhan on bass and Igor Vuk behind mixing desk. Through improvisation, their music illustrates emotional states, experiences, moments of contemplation. This is neither jazz nor rock, or punk, it is free improvisation with no definitions.


Location: Lighthouse
Date: 07. June 2023
Time: 23:00
Program category: Nima lokacije
Section category: And so much more