Short Scene at Isola Cinema

In collaboration with the Society for short film promotion Kraken and the International short film festival FeKK

‘Short Scene’ is an intensive 6-month workshop to learn about the theory and practice of screenwriting, develop one’s idea, and write a screenplay for a short film. Now in its seventh edition, the workshop is under way on platforms including Kino Otok in an upgraded, updated format. For more information, see


Three Producers’ Outlooks on Short Films: Andraž Jerič, Katja Lenarčič, Marina Gumzi

Presentations and discussion

Andraž Jerič is one of the founding members of Temporama Film Society (2013). After a series of short (low- or no-budget) films, music videos and an online TV series, he produced Temporama’s first feature Consequences (2018), which premiered at Toronto IFF. Jerič is a member of EFA and was the Slovenian representative of the Producers on the Move programme in Cannes in 2021.

As a creative producer and head of development, he likes to get involved in (short) film development in the earliest stages of writing and outlining. In his presentation, he will focus on these early processes in project development, as well as talk about short film funding in Slovenia and how not to lose hope as a filmmaker or producer in the increasingly challenging short film landscape.

Sotto (2016), directed by Ina Ferlan, produced by Temporama. Photo: Eva Ferlan.

Katja Lenarčič started her career in a Berlin-based world sales agency. In 2015, she joined EnaBanda, where she produced award-winning shorts and documentaries that premiered in competition programmes of prestigious festivals, such as Sarajevo FF, Clermont-Ferrand ISFF, and Thessaloniki IFF. Since 2020, Lenarčič has worked as a producer at Vertigo, and the coordinator of CEE Animation Workshop. She is an alumna of Locarno Industry Academy, Jihlava Emerging Producers, and EAVE.

Using the example of The Flood, a short film by Kristijan Kranjčan whose highly successful international tour can be traced back to Short Scene, Lenarčič will demonstrate how and why filmmakers can benefit from workshops, co-production forums, and film markets.

Potop (2019), directed by Kristijan Krajnčan, produced by Katja Lenarčič.

Marina Gumzi is the managing director of the micro studio NOSOROGI (2013). As an author, dramaturge and producer, she likes to work with young filmmakers. She was a member of the first study group of the DFFB’s Next Wave (2019-2020), which focuses on innovative forms of film distribution and the potential of new technologies in film development. Gumzi has been part of the international research team behind an Eurimages study on non-conventional film practices, and the Berlin Critic’s Week project group that conceived a utopian system of film production.

Her presentation Done with Cannes will discuss the possibilities of working on the sidelines of the dominant support systems and their often outdated conventions; the urgency of radically rejecting the instant, calculating modes of production, and the meaning of seeking “truth” through curiosity and research.

Kratki film o džungli (in production), directed by Gregor Božič, produced by NOSOROGI.


Chaired by Nadina Štefančič.

The event will be in Slovenian. Admission is free, but please book your spot at



Location: Manzioli Palace, Izola
Date: 04. June 2022
Time: 11:00
Program category: Pro Otok
Section category: Pro Otok