Infinity According to Florian / Нескінченність за Флоріаном

Oleksij Radinski, Ukraine, USA, 2022, 70’

Florian Yuriev wasn’t a filmmaker as such, even if moving images and the interaction of lights and sounds did play a major part in his art. Yuriev was a painter who developed a whole theory of colour and musicality. He was an architect whose most famous creation was also used as a cinema. And as a true man of the 20th century, he did shoot films – yet without ever feeling the need to finish them.

A charity screening; proceeds from tickets sales will be donated to Docudays, an NGO that initiated a fund to support Ukrainian filmmakers who are bravely documenting the events of the war in Ukraine.


Location: Art Cinema Odeon, Izola
Date: 04. June 2022
Time: 10:00
Program category: Films and Guests
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