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How I Learned to Fly / Leto kada sam naučila da letim 9+

Radivoje Andrić, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, 2022, 87', In Croatian and Serbian with Slovenian subtitles

Sofija, 12-year-olf girl from Belgrade, must travel with her overbearing grandma to the island of Hvar, where they will spend their summer holidays with grandma’s sister. While counting her troubles, despairing over the poor internet signal and day-dreaming about her first kiss, she begins to notice grandma’s unusual and mysterious behaviour. A summer adventure that connects generations.

Followed by a Q&A with the director Radivoje Andrić! Hosts include young programmers from the Elvira Vatovec Prade and Sveti Anton Primary Schools, aged 12 to 14, whose club is part of the international project Young Programmers for Young Audiences! European Film Festival Network.


Location: House of Culture, Izola
Date: 10. June 2023
Time: 16:00
Program category: Films and Guests
Section category: Submarine