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Exhibition marking the centenary of birth of France Štiglic

The exhibition produced by the Slovenian Cinematheque to mark the centenary of birth of France Štiglic (1919–1993) sheds light on the life and work of one of the key filmmakers in the history of Slovenian cinema. Known for his talent for working with children, Štiglic would often cast them in leading roles in his films.

The students who see a Slovenian classic in school screenings – one of the films by Štiglic, Don’t Cry, Peter or Valley of Peace, or the evergreen Kekec – enjoy a 10% discount on tickets for exhibitions at the museum of the Slovenian Cinematheque and the Museum of Slovenian Film Actors in Divača.


Location: House of Culture, Izola
Date: 07. June 2023
Time: 10:00
Program category: Submarine
Section category: Submarine